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Take a spin in Burlington to explore the dynamic New England city situated in Vermont. With its blissful setting on Lake Champlain, this metropolitan destination is perfect for an escape with plenty of outside activities available. Rent car in Burlington!

Burlington is the crown of Vermont, bustling with culture and entertainment; full of architecture, flavorsome eats and drinks. It’s even where Ben & Jerry’s was founded! Take a walk around this wonderful city to find street performers playing their tunes, jazz festivals echoing throughout its streets, and indie stores waiting for you to explore them – not forgetting the colleges and galleries that are also part of its charm. Last but not least: let yourself be enchanted by all kinds of outdoor activities only available in different seasons such as canoeing or skiing – which altogether make up an invigorating atmosphere within Burlington.

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Not only is the city of Burlington a great destination, but it also serves as an excellent starting point for exploring other parts of Vermont and beyond. The state of New York lies just across Lake Champlain while the border with neighboring New Hampshire can be reached in two hours or less when you rent one of our top-notch vehicles.

Ready to set off on your next adventure? offers the perfect Burlington airport car rental, so book online and let the journey begin!

About Burlington International Airport

Burlington International Airport (BTV) is a public airport located in South Burlington, Vermont. It is the largest airport in the state and serves as a gateway to the greater Burlington area, as well as other destinations in the Northeast United States and Canada. The airport is a hub for regional airlines, such as Delta Connection, JetBlue, and United Express, and it also accommodates international flights to and from Montreal, Canada.

The airport is equipped with modern facilities and amenities to ensure a comfortable and convenient travel experience for its passengers. There are several dining options, shops, and lounges available throughout the airport, as well as free Wi-Fi, charging stations, and workstations. Additionally, there are numerous Burlington airport car rental companies and taxi services on site, making transportation to and from the airport hassle-free.

BTV is also committed to sustainability and environmental conservation. The airport has implemented several initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint, including the installation of solar panels, the use of electric vehicles, and the promotion of alternative modes of transportation, such as biking and public transit. These efforts have earned the airport recognition as a leader in sustainable aviation practices.

In addition to its commercial operations, Burlington International Airport is also home to the Vermont Air National Guard’s 158th Fighter Wing, which flies F-35 Lightning II aircraft. The guard’s presence at the airport brings economic benefits to the local community and provides essential national defense capabilities. Overall, Burlington International Airport serves as a vital transportation hub for the region and plays an important role in supporting the local economy and national security.

Benefits of car renting in Burlington International Airport

Enjoy the freedom of exploring all that Vermont has to offer when you look for Burlington car rental airport! With your own set of wheels, take advantage of the proximity and convenience to popular attractions like Lake Champlain, Ben & Jerry’s factory, and Stowe for some breathtaking sights. Create unique memories with ease as you explore this beautiful state on your own schedule.

Renting a car at the airport also eliminates the need for public transportation or expensive taxi services. Instead of relying on bus schedules or paying for rides, you can simply pick up your rental car and be on your way. Plus, many Burlington car rental companies offer convenient drop-off options, allowing Burlington airport rental car return to the airport when you’re ready to depart.

You’ll never be stuck for choice when renting a car from Burlington International Airport! Whatever your travel needs, whether you’re traveling alone or with the family in tow, there’s an array of vehicles including compact cars, SUVs and minivans to choose from; ensuring you select a vehicle that meets both your budget and requirements.

Ultimately, renting a car upon arrival at the airport can be a shrewd decision. With multiple rental companies vying for your patronage and competing to offer you the best deal, it is certainly worth looking into! What’s more, pre-booking may result in additional savings due to discounts available. The comfort of having an automobile on hand also helps avoid pricey taxis or rideshares – skip out on those exorbitant tour costs too!

Types of Car Can I Rent in Burlington International Airport

With, you can find the perfect rental car for your needs and budget! From economical compacts to roomy SUVs, we’ve got plenty of options for every intrepid explorer–all backed by our unbeatable customer service.

Burlington International Airport is well-known for its selection of compact cars, a perfect solution for solo travelers or couples who don’t need an abundance of space. Not only are these vehicles fuel-efficient and straightforward to drive, but also typically the most cost-effective option available. Amongst your choices are the Ford Focus, Hyundai Accent and Nissan Versa – all timely reminders that you can make traveling on a budget without compromising quality!

For families or groups of travelers, renting a larger car like an SUV or minivan can be a smart choice. These vehicles offer more space and comfort for passengers and their luggage. SUVs are also great for driving in the winter months when snow and ice can make driving more challenging. Popular SUVs available for rent at the airport include the Jeep Cherokee, Ford Escape, and Toyota RAV4.

If you’re looking for a bit of luxury during your trip, Burlington International Airport also offers a range of premium options of car rental near Burlington vt. These vehicles are typically newer models with upgraded features like leather seats, advanced technology, and premium sound systems. Some of the luxury cars available for rent include the Audi A4, BMW X3, and Mercedes-Benz C-Class.

If you require a vehicle for particular purposes, such as relocating or towing, the airport also has specialized rental cars. These include trucks, cargo vans and even 12-person vans. Regardless of whether you’re transferring to a new house or exploring with your friends in tow – these specialty rides can be an ideal way of addressing your needs!

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Car at Burlington International Airport

Travelers can expect to pay competitive rates for car rentals at Burlington International Airport, but the ultimate cost is dependent on a variety of factors such as vehicle type, length of rental period, and seasonality. So if you’re planning a trip soon – be sure to explore your options first!

If you’re looking for the most budget-friendly car to rent at the airport, compact cars are your best bet. They start as low as $30 per day and their prices can vary depending on demand and availability; hence why it’s a smart idea to compare rental companies before booking.

Midsize cars like the Toyota Corolla and Hyundai Elantra are also available for rent at Burlington International Airport, and they typically cost around $40-$50 per day. Larger vehicles like SUVs and minivans can cost anywhere from $50 to $150 per day, depending on the make and model of the car.

Luxury cars and specialty vehicles like sports cars and convertibles are also available for rent at the airport, but they typically come with a higher price tag. Luxury cars can cost anywhere from $100 to $300 per day, while specialty vehicles can cost upwards of $400 per day.

It’s important to note that rental car companies may also charge additional fees and taxes, such as airport surcharges or local taxes. These fees can add up quickly, so be sure to read the fine print and ask about any additional charges before booking your rental car.

Exploring Vermont and its surrounding areas can be an affordable, stress-free venture when you rent a car at Burlington International Airport. With multiple rental options available, whether it’s for budget or convenience reasons; there is sure to be something that meets your individual needs. Enjoy the freedom of having your own form of transportation during your stay in this beautiful region!

What are cheap cars rental in Burlington International Airport

Are you searching for a budget Burlington airport? If so, there are various options designed to fit your financial plan. Compact cars tend to be the most cost-effective option and usually start as low as $30 per day. These vehicles are perfect for single travelers or couples who don’t need extra space and want to keep their expenses down.

Midsize cars like the Toyota Corolla, Nissan Sentra, and Hyundai Elantra are also relatively inexpensive to rent and are a step up in size from compact cheap car rental btv. Prices for midsize cars at Burlington International Airport typically range from $40 to $50 per day, making them a great option for families or small groups.

For travelers on an economy and budget car rental btv provides an ideal solution. This type of rental car typically costs only $25 per day and is designed to be fuel-efficient. Plus, it’s much smaller than the typical compact car – making it even more affordable! No matter where you’re traveling or what your budget may be, budget rental Burlington airport

 cars are an excellent option when looking for reliable transportation at the airport.

If you’re willing to be a bit more flexible with your vehicle choice, you can find amazing prices on a budget rent a car Burlington airport. Many companies offer discounts for certain types of vehicles or for rentals during slower seasons – so it pays to shop around! At Burlington International Airport, make sure to look out for any promotions that might be available before finalizing your booking and score an even better deal. Last minute bookings are also popular ways of snagging cheap car rentals!

What are luxury cars rental in Burlington International Airport

At Burlington International Airport, travelers can indulge in a five-star experience with luxury car rentals. These vehicles boast class and sophistication; they feature the latest technology advancements, elegant leather interiors, cutting-edge safety systems, and powerful engines that provide an effortless driving experience. Luxury car rental services offer high end customers unparalleled comfort and service – perfect for those who desire nothing but the best!

Luxury car rental options at Burlington International Airport include a wide range of premium vehicles from some of the world’s top automakers. From elegant sedans to sleek sports cars and powerful SUVs, luxury car rental services at the airport offer an impressive selection of vehicles to choose from. Many of these luxury cars come equipped with the latest in-car entertainment systems, navigation systems, and other advanced features that make driving a pleasure.

If you’re seeking unparalleled convenience, then luxury car rental services at Burlington International Airport are just the thing for you. With this service, travelers can reserve a luxury vehicle in advance and have it ready and waiting upon their arrival. No more standing in long lines for taxis or uncomfortable bus rides – simply hop into your chic ride and be whisked off to where you need to go!

If you’re looking for style, comfort, and performance all bundled in one luxury car rental experience at Burlington International Airport, then look no further. Whether it’s a business trip or your leisurely vacation that needs that extra touch of opulence, renting a high-end vehicle is the perfect way to make your journey truly remarkable.

What are exotic cars rental in Burlington International Airport

Exotic car rentals are high-end luxury cars that are available for rent at Burlington International Airport. These cars are not your typical rental cars but are designed to provide an elevated driving experience. Exotic cars have been designed with precision engineering, sleek designs, and advanced technology. They offer a driving experience that is beyond compare, allowing renters to enjoy the thrill of high-speed driving, the comfort of luxurious interiors, and the attention-grabbing appeal of a beautiful, exotic car.

At Burlington International Airport, exotic car rentals come in different models and brands. Renters can choose from a range of exotic cars such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Bentley, and many more. The rental process is simple and straightforward, with options for pickup and drop-off at the airport. This makes it easy for travelers to rent a car upon arrival and start their trip in style. Exotic car rentals also offer additional services such as delivery and pickup to other locations.

Exotic car rentals in Burlington International Airport are perfect for individuals who want to make a statement, whether it’s for business or pleasure. These cars are ideal for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, and graduations. They are also suitable for corporate events and business trips, where a high-end vehicle can make a strong impression on clients and colleagues. Exotic car rentals provide a unique and memorable experience, which can create lasting memories for renters and their passengers.

In conclusion, exotic car rentals in Burlington International Airport offer an exciting and luxurious way to travel. With a range of models and brands available, renters can choose the perfect car to fit their needs and desires. Whether it’s for a special occasion or just for the thrill of driving a high-end car, exotic car rentals provide an unforgettable experience that is sure to impress. So, why not indulge in the luxury of an exotic car rental and take your driving experience to the next level?

What I need to rent a car at Burlington International Airport

In order to Burlington airport rent a car, some requirements have to be done. Firstly, you must possess either a US or international driver’s license in order for your reservation to be accepted. Additionally, it is worth noting that certain rental companies may require drivers over 25 years of age before they can rent out their vehicles – thus make sure this crucial information has been checked prior to getting behind the wheel!

Secondly, you will need a valid credit card. Most car rental companies require a credit card in the driver’s name to secure the rental. This is because the company will place a hold on the card for the estimated rental charges plus a security deposit. The security deposit is usually refunded when the car is returned in the same condition as it was rented.

Thirdly, you will need to make a reservation in advance. It is recommended to book your rental car ahead of time to ensure availability and to get the best possible rate. There are several btv car rental companies located at Burlington International Airport, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs and budget.

Finally, it is important to have proof of insurance. Most car rental companies offer insurance options at the time of rental, but you can also use your own personal auto insurance if it covers rental cars. If you are using your own insurance, make sure to bring proof of coverage with you when you pick up the rental car.

In summary, to rent a car at Burlington International Airport you will need a valid driver’s license, a valid credit card, to make a reservation in advance, and proof of insurance. By having these things in order, you can easily rent a car and enjoy your travels to the fullest.

Driving laws in Burlington

Driving laws in Burlington are designed to keep drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists safe on the road. It is important to be familiar with these laws before driving in Burlington to avoid any potential accidents or legal issues. Some of the key driving laws in Burlington include:

Firstly, the speed limit in residential areas is 25 mph, and in school zones, it can be as low as 15 mph. Drivers should always be aware of the speed limit and adjust their driving accordingly. Speeding can result in fines and potential legal consequences.

Secondly, seat belts are mandatory for all occupants of a vehicle, and child safety seats are required for children under the age of eight or under 4’9″ tall. It is important to ensure that everyone in the vehicle is properly buckled up before driving.

Thirdly, Vermont law prohibits drivers from using handheld electronic devices while driving. This includes texting, making phone calls, or using the internet. Hands-free devices are allowed, but it is recommended to avoid distractions while driving.

Finally, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is strictly prohibited. The legal limit for blood alcohol content (BAC) in Vermont is 0.08%. It is important to never drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol, as it not only puts you at risk but also endangers other drivers and pedestrians on the road.

In summary, driving laws in Burlington are designed to keep everyone on the road safe. It is important to be aware of the speed limit, wear seat belts, avoid distractions, and never drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol. By following these laws, drivers can help create a safer and more enjoyable driving experience for all.

Driving In And Around Burlington

Parking In Burlington

  • Located in Downtown 05401 by the picturesque Waterview Park, Lakeview Garage offers a whopping 975 parking spaces for your convenience.
  • Located in the heart of (05401), College Street Garage offers more than 450 parking spaces and lies near Battery Park and Waterview Park.
  • For the Church Street Market, Marketplace Garage (05401) is an ideal option. It offers covered parking and boasts 375 convenient spots for your use!

Key Roads In Burlington

  • Providing a crucial connection between Burlington and both Montpelier, VT and Concord, NH as it stretches south-eastwardly along the Vermont-New Hampshire border, Interstate 89 (I-1) continues north to reach its terminus at Canada’s Quebec province.
  • Glide down US-7 for an unforgettable journey through idyllic Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Connecticut. Don’t miss the breathtaking views as you approach Norwalk—situated conveniently close to Stamford!
  • For those wishing to take a road trip from Burlington, US-2 is the perfect route. As you head north, this highway extends all the way into Maine before continuing its journey east across New York State and eventually making its way up to Canada.

How to get from Burlington to Montpelier

Ready to travel from Burlington to Montpelier, the state capital? All you need is an estimated half-hour drive down South Customs Drive and US-2 E/Williston Road before turning onto VT-2A S for one mile. Finally turn left on Interstate 89 where your destination will be just ahead!

How to get from Burlington to Boston

If you plan on taking a longer journey from Burlington to Boston, it can take up to three and a half hours. From Aviation Avenue lot start your trip southward towards Customs Drive and make sure to turn onto US-2 E/Williston Road for two miles before turning right onto VT-2A S. Then steer left at I-89 in Montpelier and continue driving for three hours until reaching Concord, New Hampshire where you will merge with I-93. Finally exit 17 into the city of Boston!

A Quick Guide To Burlington

Where To Stay In Burlington

Courtyard by Marriott Burlington Harbor

25 Cherry St, Burlington, VT 05401

If you’re looking for a modern and comfortable place to stay near Downtown Burlington, this hotel has it all. Located just minutes from the picturesque harborside of Lake Champlain, not only does it have tastefully designed rooms with excellent amenities but a pet-friendly atmosphere too! You’ll be welcomed with warm hospitality and can take advantage of their great indoor pool whenever you like.

Willard Street Inn

349 S Willard St #3910, Burlington, VT 05401

Experience a bygone era of comfort, service and luxury at this 19th Century mansion-turned-B&B. Revel in the elegance of 14 guestrooms oozing Victorian charm and surrounded by picturesque gardens for an unforgettable New England escape. You can be sure all your modern needs will also be met during your stay here!

Lang House on Main Street

360 Main St, Burlington, VT 05401

If you’re looking for a captivating stay in the neighborhood of Vermont University, Lang House is an ideal choice. This century-old home boasts sophisticated and well-adorned rooms that will take you back to another era. Plus, Downtown and Church Street are just a few steps away! Stay here to experience 11 stunning guestrooms with real attention to detail – it’s sure to be an unforgettable getaway.

Where To Eat In Burlington

Hen of the Wood

55 Cherry St, Burlington, VT 05401

Every visit to this highly praised Burlington restaurant means a unique culinary expedition as the daily seasonal menus are filled with local delights – fish, cheeses, cured meats and vegetables. Sample some of their specialty dishes such as hanger steak served alongside sweet potato and grilled kale or try out their scallop crudo for an unforgettable experience!

The Farmhouse Tap & Grill

160 Bank St, Burlington, VT 05401

Step inside The Farmhouse for a cozy gastropub experience filled with rustic, farm-fresh cuisine. Enjoy award-winning burgers, deli platters and delicious desserts – or sample the raw bar specialities like succulent oysters and luxurious caviar. Don’t forget to try their shellfish plateau for an unforgettable taste of it all!

Farmers and Foragers Dockside

75 Penny Ln, Burlington, VT 05401

Farmers and Foragers earned their stripes as a food truck, and it shows in their excellent service and trendy menu. Like many Burlington restaurants, the emphasis here is on local, sustainable and organic meat and seafood. From lobster rolls to tacos, everything’s delicious.

What To Do In Burlington

Church Street Marketplace

Church St, Burlington, VT 05401

Within Burlington’s bustling independent scene, you will find a festive atmosphere that never fails to amaze. Shopping at the local boutiques, enjoying summer al-fresco dining options and attending live music performances are only some of the many attractions this unique open air mall has to offer. With regular events throughout the year and street entertainment galore, there is something for everyone here in this permanent home!

ECHO, Leahy Center for Lake Champlain

1 College Street, Burlington, VT 05401

Come to this stimulating science and nature museum located on the picturesque Lake Champlain waterfront for an unforgettable experience! Whether it’s through engaging interactive exhibitions, amazing creatures living inside of the museum, or one of their numerous musical and cultural events – there truly is something here for everyone in your family. Make sure to visit ECHO soon so you can see what all they have to offer!

Ben and Jerry’s Factory Tour

1281 Waterbury Stowe Rd, Waterbury, VT 05676

Step back in time with a visit to the legendary Ben & Jerry’s ice cream shop on Church Street Marketplace, which stands just steps away from where their original store opened. For an even more immersive experience, head to Waterbury Village for the factory tour – it’s sure to be full of fun activities and delicious scoops!

FAQs About Renting A Car At in Burlington Airport

What car rental companies are available at Burlington International Airport?

Burlington International Airport has several car rental companies available, including, Avis, Budget, Enterprise, Hertz, and National.

What is the minimum age to rent a car at Burlington International Airport?

The minimum age to rent a car at Burlington International Airport is typically 21 years old. However, some rental companies may have higher age requirements or may charge additional fees for drivers under the age of 25.

Is it possible to rent a car at Burlington International Airport without a credit card?

Most car rental companies require a credit card to secure the rental. However, some may accept a debit card with a major credit card logo or cash deposit. It is important to check with the rental company beforehand to confirm their payment options.

Is insurance included in the rental price?

Insurance is typically not included in the rental price. However, most rental companies offer insurance options at an additional cost. It is recommended to check with the rental company to see what insurance options are available.

What about rental car return Burlington airport? Can I return the rental car after hours?

Yes, many rental companies at Burlington International Airport have 24-hour drop-off options. It is recommended to check with the rental company beforehand to confirm their after-hours drop-off procedures.

Can I rent a car for a one-way trip?

Yes, one-way rentals are available at Burlington International Airport. However, they may come with additional fees or restrictions. It is recommended to check with the rental company beforehand to confirm their one-way rental policies.