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Revel in the irrepressible vibrancy of Philadelphia by renting a car from its airport. Uncover why this City of Brotherly Love is like no other! Rent car in Philadelphia!

In less than 15 minutes, you can be zooming along the I-95 in your rental car and admiring the breathtaking Delaware River that leads right up to Philadelphia! After cruising down Market Street, park up to explore Independence Square – home of the iconic Liberty Bell. Your time spent here will surely not disappoint!

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You can also collect and return your Philly airport car rental at other cities close by, such as New York City and Baltimore – both less than two hours away from Philadelphia Airport.

Whether your trip is for business or pleasure, we have a car to suit you. Rev up the fun with one of our sporty cars, cruise in class and comfort in any of our luxury models or make room for the whole family with an accommodating SUV. Let us kickstart your journey!

Begin your Pennsylvania excursion today by booking a Philadelphia Airport car rental with With unbeatable prices and great customer service, you’re sure to have an unforgettable journey!

About Philadelphia International Airport

Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) is a major airport located in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It serves as the primary airport for the Philadelphia metropolitan area, as well as the Delaware Valley region. PHL is one of the busiest airports in the United States, handling over 31 million passengers annually. It is a hub for American Airlines, serving as one of their primary bases of operations on the east coast.

PHL is a modern and efficient airport, with four main terminals and over 130 gates. The airport offers a wide range of amenities and services for travelers, including a variety of restaurants, shops, and lounges. PHL also features a number of art installations and exhibits, showcasing the work of local artists and highlighting the cultural heritage of the region.

In addition to its passenger facilities, PHL is also a major cargo hub, handling a significant amount of air cargo traffic each year. The airport is home to a number of cargo airlines, as well as a large UPS sorting facility. PHL’s central location on the east coast of the United States makes it an ideal location for shipping and logistics companies looking to serve the region.

Despite its size and importance, PHL is committed to sustainability and environmental stewardship. The airport has implemented a number of initiatives to reduce its environmental impact, including a comprehensive recycling program, energy-efficient lighting systems, and a fleet of alternative fuel vehicles. PHL also has plans to install a large solar panel array on its grounds, which will generate clean energy and reduce the airport’s carbon footprint even further.

Benefits of car renting in Philadelphia International Airport

There are several benefits of Philadelphia international airport car rental. First and foremost, having a rental car provides greater flexibility and freedom to explore the city and surrounding areas at your own pace. With a car, you can easily travel to attractions and destinations outside of the city center, such as Valley Forge National Historical Park or the nearby King of Prussia Mall.

Car rental Philadelphia international airport can also be more cost-effective than relying on taxis or ride-sharing services, especially if you plan to do a lot of driving during your stay. Many car rentals Philadelphia airport terminal companies offer competitive rates and discounts for longer rental periods, and you can often find deals on websites like Expedia or Kayak.

In addition, renting a car can be more convenient than relying on public transportation, which can be crowded and time-consuming. With a rental car, you can avoid the hassle of navigating unfamiliar transit systems and waiting for buses or trains. This can be especially helpful if you are traveling with a family or a large group of people.

Finally, cheap car rentals Philadelphia airport can provide peace of mind and a sense of security. When driving a rental car, you can be confident that the vehicle is well-maintained and in good condition. You can also rest assured that you are covered by insurance in case of an accident or breakdown. With all of these benefits, it’s easy to see why renting a car at Philadelphia International Airport can be a smart choice for travelers.

Types of Car Can I Rent in Philadelphia International Airport

Planning a trip to Philadelphia International Airport (PHL)? Whether you’re looking for a small car for an extended stay or a larger SUV for the whole family, there is no shortage of options. Here are some of PHL’s most sought-after rental cars:

  • Compact cars: These are the smallest and most affordable rental cars available, typically seating four people comfortably. They are ideal for city driving and shorter trips, and they offer good gas mileage.
  • Midsize cars: Midsize cars rental Philadelphia airport are a step up from compact cars, offering a bit more space and comfort. They are a good choice for longer trips or if you need a little extra room for luggage or passengers.
  • Full-size cars: Full-size rental cars Philadelphia pa airport are larger and more spacious than midsize cars, with plenty of room for passengers and luggage. They are a good choice for longer trips or if you have a larger group.
  • SUVs: SUVs are larger vehicles that can accommodate five or more passengers, with plenty of cargo space for luggage or equipment. They are a good choice for outdoor adventures or family vacations.
  • Luxury cars: If you’re looking for a bit of luxury and style, PHL offers a range of high-end cars from luxury brands like Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and BMW. These cars offer top-of-the-line features and amenities, as well as superior performance and handling.

It’s essential to select a car that is suited for your lifestyle, no matter what type you pick. Compare rental rates and features from different companies so that you are able to get the best quality vehicle at an economical rate. That way, you’ll be sure to have the perfect thrifty car rental Philly airport for your journey!

Much Does it Cost to Rent a Car at Philadelphia International Airport

The price of renting a car at Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) is contingent on several elements, such as the vehicle type, rental company, duration of stay and any additional fees or taxes. To assist you in budgeting for your transportation needs here are some estimated rates:

  • Compact cars: These are the most affordable budget Philly airport rental cars, with daily rental rates starting at around $30 to $40 per day.
  • Midsize cars: Midsize cars are a bit more expensive than compact cars, with daily rates ranging from $40 to $60 per day.
  • Full-size cars: Full-size cars are larger and more spacious than midsize cars, and they typically cost around $50 to $70 per day.
  • SUVs: SUVs are larger vehicles that can accommodate five or more passengers, with daily rates ranging from $60 to $100 per day.

While these numbers are merely estimates, rental fees can vary greatly depending on the particular vehicle and its respective leasing company. Unavoidable associated expenses that come with renting from PHL include airport surcharges, insurance costs, and additional driver payments. Remember to factor in all of these charges when calculating your total cost!

To find the best rental rate, you should take a few moments to compare shops and book ahead of time. Utilize websites such as Expedia or Kayak to compare prices from various rental companies. It’s also a good idea to research for any discounts or special offers that can help save money – with some effort, you’ll be able to secure an ideal car that meets your needs while fitting within your budget!

What are cheap cars rental at Philadelphia International Airport

If you’re visiting Philadelphia and need cheap car rentals Philly airport, look no further than the affordable options available at Philadelphia International Airport!, Avis, Budget, Enterprise, and Hertz are just a few of the most popular rental companies here. With their wide selection of vehicles from compact cars to SUVs – all within your budget – there’s something for everyone. Make sure you check out these great deals before planning your trip!

One of the cheap rental cars Philadelphia international airport option is the Economy car class. These vehicles are perfect for those who need a basic mode of transportation to get around the city. They’re affordable, fuel-efficient, and easy to drive. Economy cars typically have seating for up to five passengers and offer ample trunk space for luggage. You can expect to pay around $30-$40 per day for budget car rental Philly airport at Philadelphia International Airport.

If you need a bit more space or want a more luxurious ride, you may want to consider renting a Midsize or Full-size car. These vehicles offer more space and comfort than an Economy car, but are still reasonably priced. Midsize and Full-size cars typically have seating for up to five passengers, and may come with features like Bluetooth connectivity, satellite radio, and backup cameras. You can expect to pay around $40-$60 per day for a Midsize or Full-size car rental at Philadelphia International Airport.

Another affordable car rental option at Philadelphia International Airport is the SUV class. SUVs are ideal for families or groups of friends who need more space than a traditional car. They offer plenty of room for passengers and luggage and often come equipped with features like all-wheel drive and advanced safety systems. You can expect to pay around $50-$80 per day for an SUV rental at Philadelphia International Airport, depending on the size and model of the vehicle.

What are luxury cars rental at Philadelphia International Airport

For tourists seeking a superior driving experience, Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) offers an array of luxurious cars to rent. From Mercedes-Benz and Audi to Cadillac, Lexus or Infiniti – the range is impressive. These vehicles boast optimal features like exquisite leather upholstery, cutting edge technology and performance as well as sophisticated styling for your convenience – making them ideal for discerning travelers!

While luxury car rental Philadelphia can be more expensive than standard rental cars, they offer a level of comfort, elegance, and safety that can make your trip more enjoyable. In addition, luxury cars can be a great option for longer trips, special occasions, or if you want to make a statement when arriving at your destination.

Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and BMW are some of the most popular luxury car rental Philadelphia airport brands available for rent at PHL, with daily rental rates starting at around $120 to $200 per day. Cadillac, Lexus, and Infiniti also offer a range of luxury cars with high-end features and amenities, with prices that vary depending on the specific car and rental period. offers a glamorous and memorable transportation option for high school students on their special night. With a variety of luxury vehicles available, including limousines, sports cars, and classic cars, students can arrive at their prom venue in style and make a statement. These rental services typically include professional drivers, ensuring a safe and stress-free experience for the students and their families. With customizable packages and competitive pricing, luxury car rentals for prom in Philadelphia provide an affordable and exciting option for a once-in-a-lifetime event.

If you’re considering renting a luxury car at PHL, it’s important to compare prices and features from different rental companies to find the best option for your needs and budget. In addition, be sure to read the rental agreement carefully to understand any additional fees or charges that may apply, such as insurance fees, airport surcharges, and additional driver fees. With a little research and planning, you can find a luxury car rental that meets your needs and adds a touch of elegance to your trip.

What are exotic cars rental at Philadelphia International Airport

For those wanting a lavish driving experience, Philadelphia International Airport has you covered! Enjoy the ride of luxury and elegance with Philly exotic car rental from one of our many popular companies such as Alamo, Enterprise or National. Whether it’s for a special event, business trip or just to give yourself that extra touch of extravagance – these high-end vehicles are just what you need!

Exotic car rental options at Philadelphia International Airport include luxury vehicles like Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Porsches, and Rolls Royces. These high-performance cars offer the latest in advanced technology, comfort, and style. Whether you’re looking for a convertible to cruise down the coast or a powerful sports car to show off on the track, there is an exotic car rental option for you.

Prices for exotic car rentals at Philadelphia International Airport can vary widely depending on the make and model of the vehicle, as well as the length of the rental period. Generally, you can expect to pay anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars per day for an exotic car rental. However, many rental companies offer discounts for longer rental periods, so it’s worth checking to see if there are any deals available.

In addition to the high cost of exotic car rental in Philadelphia, it’s important to note that some rental companies may require additional fees or insurance coverage. Before renting an exotic car at Philadelphia International Airport, be sure to check the terms and conditions of the rental agreement, and make sure you fully understand any additional costs or requirements. With the right planning and preparation, renting an exotic car can be an unforgettable experience.

What I need to rent a car at Philadelphia International Airport

To make your car rental experience at Philadelphia International Airport as efficient and stress-free as possible, ensure that you meet a few essential requirements. Here’s what to keep in mind before renting a vehicle from the airport:

  1. A valid driver’s license: To rent a car in Philadelphia, you must have a valid driver’s license from your home country. If you’re an international traveler, you may also need an International Driving Permit (IDP) in addition to your regular driver’s license.
  2. A credit card: Most car rental companies require a credit card to secure your rental reservation and to cover any additional fees or charges that may arise during your rental period. Be sure to check with your rental company to see what type of credit cards are accepted.
  3. Proof of insurance: Before renting a car at Philadelphia International Airport, you’ll need to show proof of insurance coverage. This can usually be done by providing a copy of your personal auto insurance policy or by purchasing insurance coverage from the rental company.
  4. Age requirements: Rental companies at Philadelphia International Airport typically require renters to be at least 21 years old. However, some companies may have higher age requirements, so it’s important to check with your rental company in advance.

When renting a car at Philadelphia International Airport, it is important to ensure that you have all of your basic requirements covered. However, there are other aspects to consider too; such as the type of vehicle needed, possible additional equipment or services required and cost/terms associated with your rental agreement. Taking the time for pre-planning will help make sure that your stay in Philadelphia goes off without any hiccups. Enjoy stress-free traveling!

Driving laws in Philadelphia

Philadelphia has a number of driving laws and regulations in place to ensure the safety of all road users. Some of the most important laws include seatbelt laws, speed limits, traffic signals, and DUI laws.

All drivers and passengers in Pennsylvania are required to wear seatbelts while in a moving vehicle, and failure to do so can result in fines and points on your driver’s license. Speed limits in Philadelphia typically range from 25 miles per hour on residential streets to 35 miles per hour on major roads and highways, although this can vary depending on the location and road conditions.

Drivers in Philadelphia are required to obey all traffic signals, including stop signs, traffic lights, and pedestrian signals. Failing to do so can result in fines and points on your driver’s license. Additionally, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a serious offense in Philadelphia and can lead to heavy fines, license suspension, and even jail time. Pennsylvania has a zero-tolerance policy for drivers under the age of 21 who are caught driving under the influence.

It’s also important to note that Pennsylvania is a hands-free state, which means that drivers are prohibited from using handheld devices while driving. This includes cell phones, tablets, and other electronic devices. Drivers can use hands-free devices, such as Bluetooth or voice-activated systems, to make calls or send messages. By following these driving laws and regulations, drivers in Philadelphia can help to prevent accidents and ensure a safe and enjoyable driving experience.

Driving In And Around Philadelphia

Parking In Philadelphia

  • Looking for a convenient, nearby place to park your vehicle? Reading Terminal Market offers no shortage of options – with over 850 spaces available at 12th & Filbert (19107), 850 more spots at AutoPark located in the Gallery Mall and an additional 725 parking spaces provided by the Convention Center Garage.
  • Located conveniently near Independence National Park, the AutoPark at Independence Park garage (19106) boasts a whopping 600+ parking spaces for visitors.
  • Metered parking is available in the Center City and University City districts, allowing you to pay with cash, card or by downloading the meterUP mobile app. Make your life easier and opt for a hassle-free way of grabbing that sought after on-street spot!

Key Roads In Philadelphia

  • Interstate 95 (I-95) is the perfect route for travelers headed east. Whether one’s destination is Philadelphia, New York City, Boston or even further on towards Washington D.C., I-95 offers a direct connection that eventually leads to Miami!
  • As you drive west of the airport along I-95, don’t forget to take Interstate 476 (I-476) that branches off heading north and cutting through Pennsylvania’s central region.

The scenic Pennsylvania Route 291 (PA 291) serves as a direct conduit from the airport to Philadelphia via its pathway along the Delaware River and across George C. Platt Memorial Bridge into the city center.

How To Get From Philadelphia International Airport To Center City

Take a mere 20-minute journey from Philadelphia Airport to Center City by following these simple directions: Start with the rental lot, turn left onto Garage Access Road, and take the second-from-left lane to merge on I-95 N slip lane. Then stay on this route for nine miles until you pass FDR Park before taking Exit 22 towards US 305E/Independence Hall. Merge onto Callowhill Street then turn left into N 6th Street, continuing straight ahead until turning right at Arch Street and then again onto N 10th Street where you’ll make one final right turn down Ludlow Street arriving in Center City in no time!

How To Get From Philadelphia International Airport To New York City

Experience the vibrant energy of New York City in just two hours, as it is only a 100-mile drive away from the airport. Hop into your rental car and take I-95 N to Newark, then switch to I-78 E towards Jersey City. Last but not least, glide through Holland Tunnel – you’ll soon be in The Big Apple!

A Quick Guide To Philadelphia

Where To Stay In Philadelphia

Courtyard by Marriott

1001 Intrepid Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19112

Located in the vibrant Navy Yard district of Philadelphia, this fashionable hotel is conveniently situated between the airport and downtown. With a state-of-the-art fitness center that’s open 24/7 and an all day restaurant to take care of your dining needs whatever time you desire, it provides effortless comfort during your stay. The roomy suites feature complimentary Wi-Fi access and premium cable TV for complete relaxation right at your fingertips!

Kimpton Hotel Monaco

433 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106

With its unbeatable location next to Independence National Historical Park, the Kimpton Hotel Monaco offers visitors over 250 uniquely designed guest rooms and a luxurious rooftop lounge that encourages relaxation after an exciting day exploring.

Sofitel Philadelphia

120 South 17th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103

Just steps away from the beautiful Rittenhouse Square lies this exquisite hotel, boasting a variety of luxuriously appointed rooms and king suites. Each room has been carefully curated with contemporary décor and modern amenities that will make you feel right at home in Center City’s vibrant atmosphere.

Where To Eat In Philadelphia


237 St James Place, Philadelphia, PA 19106

Experience the extraordinary flavors of Israeli cuisine at Zahav, nestled in Old City district. Try their signature dishes such as laffa bread with hummus and grilled lamb merguez main – accompanied by delectable beet-pickled turnips. And don’t forget to pick up a copy of the acclaimed cookbook that puts the spotlight on all these unique tastes!

Ristorante Pesto

1915 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19148

If you’re looking for an authentic Italian culinary experience, look no further than Ristorante Pesto! Their delectable pasta dishes are made with fresh ingredients and cooked in the spirit of a family-owned trattoria. You won’t want to miss out on their signature lobster and shrimp linguine alla scogliera – it’s simply divine!

The Dandelion

124 South 18th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103

Step into the charming world of London right here in Philadelphia! This quaint British pub boasts character and rustic charm at every turn, from decorative jugs hung from the ceiling to antique paintings and trinkets livening up the walls. Come for a delightful lunchtime snack with scones and jam or join us on Sundays for a traditional roast dinner – it’s all happening at this iconic British establishment!

What To See And Do In Philadelphia

Reading Terminal Market

51 North 12th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107

For a unique shopping experience in the heart of Philadelphia, make your way to Downtown’s Center City and explore the bustling Reading Terminal Market. One of America’s oldest public markets, it is full of independent local vendors offering everything from freshly baked goods and locally sourced meats & cheeses to exclusive handmade items like clothing & garments. Stroll through the stalls side by side with friendly locals for an enjoyable day out!

Blue Cross RiverRink

101 South Christopher Columbus Boulevard, Philadelphia, PA 19106

In wintertime, the city of Philadelphia transforms into a magical wonderland. Penn’s Landing is particularly beautiful and vibrant during this season! From late November to early March, you can visit Blue Cross RiverRink Winterfest where you can skate on an Olympic-sized ice rink with your friends. Afterwards, take a break and warm up by one of the fire pits in their outdoor seating area while sipping some delicious drinks.

The Franklin Institute

222 North 20th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103

This museum is loaded with captivating interactive sessions, monumental IMAX screens and live exhibits that make learning about science, astronomy and technology enjoyable for everyone! Out in the rotunda lies the incredible Benjamin Franklin National Memorial. A colossal 20-foot statue pays homage to this iconic inventor, writer and one of our nation’s Founding Fathers.

FAQs About Renting A Car At Philadelphia International Airport

How do I find a rental car company at Philadelphia International Airport?

You can find rental car companies at Philadelphia International Airport by following the signs located throughout the airport terminal. The rental car facility is located off-site, but a shuttle bus is provided to take you there.

What types of cars can I rent at Philadelphia International Airport?

You can rent a variety of cars at Philadelphia International Airport, ranging from economy cars to luxury vehicles, SUVs, and vans. The availability of specific vehicles will depend on the rental car company you choose and the dates of your rental.

Can I rent a car if I am under 25 years old?

Most rental car companies require renters to be at least 21 years old, but some companies may have higher age requirements. Additionally, drivers under the age of 25 may be subject to additional fees and restrictions.

Do I need insurance to rent a car at Philadelphia International Airport?

Before renting a car at Philadelphia International Airport, you will need to provide proof of insurance coverage. This can usually be done by providing a copy of your personal auto insurance policy or by purchasing insurance coverage from the rental company.

How do I pay for my rental car at Philadelphia International Airport?

Most rental car companies accept credit cards to secure your rental reservation and to cover any additional fees or charges that may arise during your rental period. Be sure to check with your rental company to see what type of credit cards are accepted.

Can I return my rental car outside of normal business hours?

Many rental car companies Philadelphia airport offer 24-hour drop-off options, allowing you to return your rental car outside of normal business hours. Be sure to check with your rental company in advance to confirm their drop-off policies and procedures.

What should I do if I have an accident in my rental car?

If you are involved in an accident while driving your rental car, you should contact your rental car company and your insurance company as soon as possible. Be sure to follow all instructions provided by your rental car company and your insurance company to ensure that the situation is handled properly.